Posted on: Feb 10, 2015  by: Tyler Dow

The Scout & Cast Story

My whole life has been filled with various trips to the lakes & rivers in search of fish. As a kid growing up in “Lake Country” Minnesota, it was practically a sin not to be a fisherman. I would putz around the numerous lakes in an old Lund boat with a 15hp motor and drop anchor in “the spots” I had come to learn.

Back then, it was all about the panfish. Throwing a piece of corn or an end of a worm on a single, bare hook and dropping it 4-5ft below the boat was fishing to me.

About two years ago, when I made the move from Minnesota to Seattle, WA - fishing as I once knew it changed forever.

Not knowing anything about the area & missing any type of floatable vessel, fishing wasn’t a priority for me. I was focused on getting better at web development, design & spending time exploring with my wife.

Over lunch one day, I was asked by a few co-workers whether or not I fished (being from MN it’s a fair question) and I eagerly talked about the evenings spent on a boat, drinking a beer, listening to the radio and waiting for a plastic bobber to bounce around. As the stories began to shift from my experiences and to their past weekend spent on the Yakima river, throwing stoneflies at trout, I volunteered myself for a fly fishing lesson. I had never really understood the sport of fly-fishing but still had a respect for those who could sling a weightless hook further than I could throw a dare-devil with my spin reel. Thankfully, my request was welcomed and I was on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River catching my first trout on a dry fly the very next weekend.

The fish were small, my gear was borrowed and I had no idea what I was doing… but yet, THIS was exactly where I fell in love with fishing all over again.

I picked up a 5/6wt rod from someone on craigslist and began casting on the roof of our apartment building. I was watching every youtube video on “how to cast” that I could and finding a slew of books and articles to feed my new obsession with the sport.

After spending countless nights glued to my computer screen with Google Maps open in multiple browser windows, I would venture out with a plan on where to go. Many times, my fishing time was spent re-routing and driving miles and miles just to find a place to park my car and get onto the river. Not to mention that once I actually got onto the river, it was either flowing too high or too fast for me to get more than a few feet off the bank.

However frustrated & depleted I would become, I still enjoyed my time on the water. At times I would miss the ease and comfort of pulling in boat full of crappies. However, with the next subtle breeze of mountain air, sound of the rapids or swoop of an eagle - I would be reminded of just how lucky I was to be in this amazing environment with even the slightest glimmer of hope of a trout connecting to the end of my line.

I became an evangelist for fly fishing and for the mountain streams that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. I recruited friends and family to fish with me in hopes of converting new fishing partners to explore the area with. The more people I talked to, the same common themes kept surfacing around “where do I get on the water?” and “what do I do when I’m there?”. I realize that these questions still plague even the experienced fishermen, but as a beginner it seemed daunting to figure this out on my own.

This is precisely what led me to create Scout & Cast. I wanted to build a community of people and resources that made it easier for fishermen to find new places to fish, without giving away the “hunt” or “adventure” that one must crave to get on the water.

My hope is that this website will grow into a well respected resource that has the ability to inform and educate fishermen on not just “how to fish” but “how to fall in love with the sport”.

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