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With Lake Erie to the southeast, Lake Huron to the northeast, Lake Superior in the north, and Lake Michigan to the West, along with the countless lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the mainland, the diversity and variety of Michigan?s fisheries can be quite overwhelming. Nearly all of the popular freshwater species exist throughout Michigan, including trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike, musky, and carp, giving anglers a seemingly endless list of options when planning a day on the water.

Michigan?s fishable water is well-distributed throughout the state, but the streams holding the fly angler?s primary targets ? trout, steelhead, and salmon ? are located in the central and northern portions of Michigan?s Lower Peninsula. Famous rivers such as the Manistee, Pere Marquette, and the Muskegon have epic runs of steelhead and king salmon that come in from Lake Michigan, but also support high numbers of quality brown and rainbow trout. The Little Manistee and the Au Sable, which is where the Adams dry fly was invented, are two of Michigan?s blue ribbon trout streams, offering world-class fishing for both stocked, wild, and lake-run brown trout and rainbow trout in addition to some of the best runs of steelhead and salmon in the Great Lakes region. The southern portion of the state has excellent fishing too, with the Black River known for its healthy population of wild brook trout, the state?s only native trout species, and the St. Joseph River which is likely one of the most heavily stocked steelhead rivers in the world.

Those wanting in on Michigan?s top-notch warmwater action should check out the Grand River along with its many tributaries including the Flat River ? well known for its high-quality smallmouth, and carp fishing. With such a wide variety of water to choose from and species to target, fly fishing in Michigan is an all-year pursuit, and even if you spent every waking moment fishing, you?d never have enough time to sample even a fraction of the great fishing the state has to offer.

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