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Warm water, cold water, saltwater? Georgia?s got it all. Trout, bass, and other warmwater species, along with popular saltwater species can all be caught within Georgia?s state lines, giving anglers a ton of great fishing options to choose from any time of the year.

The Southern Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia are where you?ll find the majority of the state?s trout streams holding rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Rock Creek, located in the Blue Ridge WMA, receives huge numbers of stocked trout each year and is one of the best streams for beginner anglers. Little Rock Creek, a tributary of Rock Creek, holds a decent population of wild brook trout and offers a more technical and adventurous fishing experience. Nearby in Chattahoochee National Forest, the Toccoa River offers excellent fishing for browns and rainbows in its free-flowing section, and after it leaves Blue Ridge Lake, becomes a highly productive tailwater that receives loads of stocked trout but is known to produce some larger holdover fish as well. The Chattahoochee River, one of the state?s more unique and varied fisheries, runs right through metropolitan Atlanta, and has both wild and stocked trout in its upper stretches, with good numbers of large striped bass in its lower sections. The Flint River runs just south of Atlanta and is one of the few streams in the country where you?ll find Shoal Bass, a unique species of bass that has a mouth like a largemouth bass, a body similar to a smallmouth bass, and behaves somewhat like a trout. In southeast Georgia from Savannah down to the Florida state line, anglers have access to the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful marshlands full of red drum, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder, as well as black sea bass, bluefish, cobia, and amberjack in nearshore and offshore waters.

Anglers benefit from an open fishing season year-round throughout most of Georgia. Some of the trout streams, however, are managed more closely and have closed seasons, as well as delayed harvest periods. Be sure to check with local authorities before heading out to the stream to make sure it?s open season!

GA Department of Fish & Wildlife
817 West Peachtree St.Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30308
P: 404-876-2900

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