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The rivers and streams of Connecticut provide anglers with the opportunity to experience classic New England fly fishing at its best. Quality trout fisheries can be found throughout the state in both tailwaters and freestone rivers, and warmwater species like bass and pike can often be found in the lower stretches of those same rivers.

Eastern Connecticut holds several fine rivers such as the Saugatuck, Naugatuck, Norwalk, and one of the most revered trout streams in New England: the Housatonic. Dry fly fanatics flock to the Housatonic to experience the river's many iconic hatches including Hendricksons, Sulfers, Cahills, March Browns, and Blue Winged Olives, in pursuit of the rainbows and browns that feed on them. The Naugatuck River provides grounds for the state's annual stocking of broodstock Atlantic salmon that takes place from October through November, giving anglers the opportunity to fish for and catch Atlantic salmon that are otherwise highly protected and illegal to catch. Northwest of Hartford, the Farmington River, a tailwater below the Colebrook River Lake, has the highest population density of trout of any water in the state, and remains consistently productive throughout the year. One of the most unique fisheries within Connecticut isn't in a river or lake, but in the salty waters of Long Island Sound. Fly anglers wade-fish off beaches and cast off jetties, primarily for striped bass and bluefish, but during the winter months migratory false albacore and bonito move through the sound giving anglers the chance to catch a tuna on the fly!

Many of the rivers in Connecticut have designated Trout Management Areas & areas managed by the state that provide high-quality year-round fishing. Other streams have open and closed seasons, so be sure to check with local authorities before heading out to fish. Connecticut also maintains a number of trout parks, where lakes and ponds are frequently stocked with rainbow trout, providing easy fishing opportunities for young and novice anglers.

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