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February 12, 2017
6 Winter Flies to Never Leave Home Without

It’s winter time and if you’re like me then you’re probably daydreaming of warmer weather and being on the river. You’re also probably behind the vice tying up dozens of flies for the months ahead. I’m usually that guy you see that carries half a dozen fly boxes filled with weird new flies to test out and hundreds of different sizes and colors to make sure I’m not missing any potential hatches....

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February 07, 2017
When the winter weather sets in, fish get lazy

Well it’s officially winter here on the east coast. For me, winter means bundling up next to the fire tying dozens of flies at the vice and eating pizza on an almost nightly basis. My winter activity is actually very similar to how trout act in the wintertime; lazy, hungry, and cold. The days of hungry trout sipping furry flies on the surface or chasing down fast stripped streamers are behind us....

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January 21, 2016
Choosing the Proper Fly Rod

Proper fly fishing gear is essential. Along with the reel, flies and line, the most important gear is the fly rod. Fly rods may vary in length from 6 - 12 feet and come in different weights, colors, actions, materials and types. Understanding the rod that best fits your style of fishing is crucial to being successful on the water. The basic science in choosing a fly rod is weight. The weight of a...

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January 13, 2016
6 Tips to take better photos of your catch

Having a photograph taken of your catch is something that all anglers can appreciate. First trout, biggest fish, memorable catch, etc. etc. That photograph can be looked back at years later and it will remind you instantly of that day. What I'm here to talk to you about, is how to make that picture the best you possible can, so in 20 years you can look back on it and go WOW that was a amazing...

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February 10, 2015
The Scout & Cast Story

My whole life has been filled with various trips to the lakes & rivers in search of fish. As a kid growing up in “Lake Country” Minnesota, it was practically a sin not to be a fisherman. I would putz around the numerous lakes in an old Lund boat with a 15hp motor and drop anchor in “the spots” I had come to learn. Back then, it was all about the panfish. Throwing a piece of corn or an end of...

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